American Algae, LLC is an advanced technology company that grows a variety of algae stains. American Algae's growing strategy utlizes unique assets, technology, and ongoing operations to meet the algae growing needs of our partners and clients. Our patent-pending algae photo-bioreactor technology and customized algae growing process supplies naturally occurring or genetically modified algae to research and commercial ventures.

American Algae's large and client-customized algae growing platform utilizes the most technically advanced 3M patented LED lighting, while requiring minimal space in an environmentally-controlled indoor setting. Photo-bioreactor solutions currently scale from 100 to 12,000 gallons and can be located at either American Algae or client locations. American Algae's growing solution and services are ideal for fulfilling Research and Development, Applied Technology scale-up, and small to medium scale pre-commercial and commercial algae growing needs.

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